The history of our company started in 1945 in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. For 70 years now, at Rampini, we have been producing the jewels of Italian mechanics, developing products which have a high technological content and are increasingly environment-friendly.
Innovative design has always been our linchpin, and still characterises our development path.
Constant progress, from a quality and quantity perspective, has led us at Rampini to becoming one of the most important Italian manufacturers.
A well-established family-run business, an exemplary small and medium-sized enterprise in Italy.

Our headquarters in Passignano sul Trasimeno, in the Perugia province, are a hub of efficiency and technology. Strategic design and marketing activities, combined with our major productions and with the professionalism of our technical and operational staff, allow our company to design and implement projects with a very high technological content, meeting all our customers’ requirements.

Passion, fairness and versatility have always been the strongholds of our company.

Rampini - Electric bus, a full of energy in a short time  

Rampini was established as a family-run business in 1945 in the heart of Italy, in Umbria, at Passignano sul Trasimeno. On the 24th of April, Carlo Rampini and Fernanda Pepini founded this Company, making the most of their experience acquired in the field of mechanics and hydraulics. They started focusing on maintenance and inspection of ordinary and special vehicles, services and assistance.

The Company began expanding its business to the design and manufacturing of ordinary and special vehicles. The first industrial sheds were built.

In the 1970s the company moved to its current premised: about 80.000 m2, of which 15,000 indoors and divided into various departments.

Production development continues, as the successful factor for a company which has grown one step after another. Its specialization focuses on specific products which sum up the know-how it has acquired. It starts to design and manufacture special vehicles and equipment for military uses, firefighting transport and support equipment on the ground for both military and civilian airports. Know-how in the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic field are greatly expanded, alongside the ability to connect and integrate them.

Soon after the year 2000 we expanded our business to the design and production of urban buses with special integrated features (electrically and fuel-cell powered), now driven all along the roads of Italy and Europe.

Moreover we have continued to design and produce means of transport and equipment for the civilian and military sector, as well as working on vehicle electrification both on the ground – for example those used to collect and transport urban waste – and at sea.

All our products are technologically advanced and highly customised.