Vehicles and equipment for the defence and civilian industry

They are characterised by a wide range of possible uses, especially with regard to prevention and safety in the region.

> Levelling systems

Systems for levelling, stabilizing and unloading, mechanical or manual, electromechanical or hydraulic.

> Mast antenna and antenna elevation systems

Rampini also manufactures instruments and transmission systems for civilian and military protection.

> Power units and stations

The Rampini power units, three-phase and single-phase, are designed and constructed to operate under the harshest environmental conditions according to MIL standards.

> UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)

Rampini designs and constructs uninterruptible power supply units, for both indoors and outdoors.

> Airplane boarding systems

High technology for the Rampini levelling and airplane boarding systems. Precise and reliable, they are all made using self-produced electronic components.

> Sheltered Units

Rampini is involved in the area of design, research and development projects for cutting-edge sheltered units.