Mission and vision

We build what we design

Our fundamental point of strength is our design capability. An advanced capability which, over the years, has led us to achieving a leadership position within our reference market.
Our choices are always driven by a precise philosophy based both on human resources (more than 15% of our staff consists of highly specialised design technicians) and on cutting-edge technological instruments, using the most modern and sophisticated equipment.
All Rampini products, before being marketed, are carefully tested.

Eco-friendly mobility

Being future-oriented means caring for the environment. It is with this goal in mind, today, that our company designs and manufactures.
Caterina Rampini, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer RAMPINI S.p.A: “We intend to improve our knowledge day after day, in order to obtain products whose environmental impact is less and less invasive. Electric vehicles are the most concrete way forward towards smart and eco-sustainable mobility. This will play a pivotal role in the public transport industry in future years”.