A high-tech machine pool

Our production equipment uses the most advanced technology in the sector.

The company produces oleodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electronic systems in-house.
All this equipment is managed by highly qualified, constantly updated staff, in order to guarantee top-level precision standards throughout the process.

A large number of satellite companies, under stringent and careful supervision from headquarters, help significantly extend our company’s production capabilities.

factory and divisions

The Rampini factory is divided into three main departments: carpentry, machine tools, assembling.
It includes:

  • island for preparation, laser cutting and folding of materials
  • turning centres
  • welding department with highly skilled staff and small welding robots
  • assembling department
  • chain painting department
  • department for trials, testing and final inspections (several types of metrology chambers, dimension tests, electromagnetic compatibility testing, climate testing)
R&D and design

The design and engineering of vehicles, products and of most components is completed by Rampini’s specialised technical office.
The company can draft specific projects in partnership with Universities and calculation centres.

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Our company’s point of pride is the outstanding care in after sales service. Every product comes with use and maintenance manuals which are all extremely detailed and tailored to customer requirements.
The response to quality work is its safety.

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