Rampini S.p.A: Defense and Mobility. Il Sole 24 Ore Talks About Us

On Monday, August 28, 2023, an advertorial titled "Rampini SpA: Defense and Mobility. Exploring Italian Technological Excellence" appeared in Il Sole 24 Ore. Since 1945, Rampini SpA has been committed to creating and implementing innovative technological products, standing out for its know-how in design, thanks to continuous investments in research and development. The company boasts a highly specialized team that enables the design and production of high-quality vehicles, made to specific orders, in compliance with customer's technical specifications and required military regulations. The defense sector is a rooted Business Unit for Rampini, deeply integrated into its processes and relationships. Managing internal procedures provides the company with design flexibility and efficient product realization timelines, which are crucial in today's geopolitical landscape for maintaining existing clients and acquiring new ones. "The geopolitical situation that has emerged in recent years unfortunately highlights the need for further investments in the defense sector at the community level. We are active in this sector through well-established partnerships with national and international players. The challenges that lie ahead in the coming years will be faced with professionalism and dedication, with an increasing focus on product and territorial sustainability," states CEO Andrea Rampini.