Mondo dei Trasporti: Rampini takes the Europe market

In the September issue of "Il Mondo dei Trasporti," they talk about us. The historical monthly magazine dedicates an entire page to the delivery of 2 #Eltron in Marburg, Germany, to the Stadtwerke Marburg company last July.

The Eltron vehicles, already in operation, complement the two E80s delivered in 2021 and represent a crucial step "towards zero-impact transportation by 2030," as stated by the CEOs of Stadtwerke, Holger Armbrüster and Bernhard Müller.

"Il Mondo dei Trasporti" also mentions Andrea Rampini's appointment as the President of the Bus Section of the National Association of the Automotive Industry (ANFIA). "The confirmation of Rampini Carlo Spa, in my person, as the representative of the Bus Section, is a source of pride for our company," declared the newly appointed president.