Our E80s and the first all-electric line in the western part of Genoa

On Monday 14 June, the AMT - Genoa's public transport company - line 193, which connects Voltri with San Carlo Hospital and via Montanella, will become the first fully electric bus in the western part of Genoa.

In fact, today there was the presentation of 5 of our new E80 buses, which will enter service in the city of the lantern, with the start of the summer timetable.

Genoa's mobility is becoming increasingly sustainable, as Marco Beltrami, president of Amt, explained: "We are continuing the project to develop electric vehicles and we are using an important part of the city on route 193, which reaches the San Carlo Hospital, which from several points of view lends itself well to the use of these environmentally sustainable vehicles...".

Satisfaction also comes from the city administration of the Ligurian capital, which expresses thanks to AMT through the Councillor for Mobility Matteo Campora, and celebrates the electrification of bus line 193 as an important stage in the renewal and expansion of public transport in the city, which will become full electric in 2025.

News source and photo: https://smart.comune.genova.it/comunicati-stampa-articoli/trasporto-sostenibili-procede-lo-sviluppo-del-progetto-elettrico-genova