Electrification kits

The experience we have accrued in the electrification of vehicles of various types and sizes has allowed us to develop a modular technology which can be adjusted, with limited effort, to a variety of scenarios.
This is where our standard or customised electrification kits come from: they all share the same constantly updated and state-of-the-art technology, which is made even more reliable by several decades of extensive experience in application and testing.

The choice of reliable and safe chemistry for our cells, with direct importing from primary manufacturers, makes our kits safe in all areas. The proprietary Battery Management System technology allows for their optimal management, reaching high performance levels also for extended periods.
Our experience in the military sector, transferred to our kits, allows for their use even in the harshest and most demanding environmental conditions.

Buses, industrial vehicles, operating machines, tractors, boats… these are all possible applications for our flexible and modular kits in terms of energy, power, shape and positioning of their components.

> Technological innovations

We design, plan and construct technologically advanced and highly customised products, which allow us to meet customer requirements.