A special company

A steady growth in terms of quality and quantity

Unità shelterizzate


Shared high technology

Manufacturers of specialty vehicles, diesel and electric buses, fire fighting vehicles, and airport ground support equipment.


Leader in the design and manufacture of specialty vehicles, urban buses and highly technical vehicles

On-going support

A lot of energy is devoted to post-production with highly detailed use and maintenance manuals

A secure partner

Unrivaled design capabilities, a constant focus on innovation and advanced technology, combined with wide-ranging production potential


Rampini uses specific test stands and stringent product testing to ensure high levels of quality


All products are carried out entirely in-house by our own specialized technicians


A history begun in 1945


Electric Alé E80

Ale E 80 Electric was the first electric bus built by Rampini, sold in Italy and in many European countries, has been continuously updated to meet the needs of users.

All the electric drive system, which uses lithium-ferrite cells, has been entirely designed and grossed by Rampini with the battery control; control and monitoring of each cell is assigned to a management gaming system (BMS) always made by Rampini.


Electric E 60

THE NEW RAMPINI electric bus.
A TRUE 6 METERS ELECTRIC URBAN BUS, full low floor and place for wheelchair, small outside and big inside, built to run with zero emissions in narrow streets of the historic downtown.
THE E60 ELECTRIC URBAN BUS can carry up to 34 passengers with a good handling and a great autonomy.
THE E60 ELECTRIC URBAN BUS has been specifically designed for the electric traction.
THE BATTERY CONTROL AND MONITORING of each single cell is made by a BMS developed by Rampini.

Latest news

Electric Alé Bus at ProGettare Smart City meeting

Electric Alé Bus at ProGettare Smart City meeting

Presentazione dell'Alé elettrico al Sindaco di Assisi, durante il convegno ProGettare Smart City.

Electric Alé Bus in Brno and Pardubice

Electric Alé Bus in Brno and Pardubice

From 3/10/2013 the Alè Electric bus with fast charging system in Brno and Pardubice (Czech Republic).