Andrea Rampini, CEO of Rampini Carlo S.p.a., as been appontend as new president of ANFIA's Bus Section

he collective mobility sector is currently undergoing a deep transformation. The challenging decarbonization goals proposed by the European Commission - zero-emission urban buses by 2030 - must necessarily be combined with a realistic energy transition for public mobility, which requires support for productive investments and Research & Innovation activities in new technologies.  

“The confirmation of RAMPINI Carlo S.p.A., in my person, as president of the Bus Section is a source of pride for our company. The bus industry is facing numerous challenges today, from very strict regulations driven by the decarbonization process, to technical regulations for improvement and modernization that will be effective from 2024 and will have an extremely significant impact.  

However, it is also presented with more opportunities than ever before, such as the PNRR and the related funds that offer the possibility of accelerating the energy transition through incentives towards Electric and Hydrogen technology. The challenges and opportunities of this transition represent a considerable commitment for companies in the sector. I will dedicate my skills and commitment to representing the members of ANFIA's Bus Section and supporting them" said the newly-appointed President. 

Andrea Rampini succeeds Fabio Magnoni, to whom ANFIA and the member companies express their heartfelt thanks for the work done on behalf of the Italian bus production industry.