Up to 280 electric buses for italian public transport. Rampini wins the Consip tender

Rampini, the market leader in zero-emission buses, has won the tender organized by Consip for the supply of 8-meter electric buses. Specifically, the company has signed a contract to supply plug-in recharge buses. The vehicles purchased through Consip are financed with resources provided by the PNRR.

Rampini has won the Consip tender by offering the Eltron model, manufactured at its facilities in Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG). The Eltron, the only 8-meter electric bus "made in Italy," is available in 2 or 3 door versions, with a width of 2.2 meters and a capacity of up to 48 passengers. It is powered by a 230-kilowatt electric motor that charges a 280 kWh battery, ensuring a range of over 200 kilometers to meet any operational need. Great care has been taken in designing the interiors to ensure passengers high safety and comfort standards.

"The Consip tender, thanks to PNRR funds, represents a unique opportunity for a true energy transition in the public transport sector. It is a pride for us to contribute to this transition by offering buses manufactured exclusively in Italy. The Eltron model, which won the Consip tender, is a concentration of technology serving environmental sustainability. Today, we are reaping the rewards of the investments we have made over the years to modernize production and become a driving force and an opportunity to reactivate the Italian industrial fabric", said President Engineer Franco Rampini.

The contract will be active by June 2023 and allows Public Administrations to purchase buses with or without specific customizations. In the former case, bus customization can include colors, liveries, additional equipment for the driver's seat and passenger compartment, onboard and passenger safety devices, driving assistance systems, and full-service maintenance.