H2IT triples since 2019 to date: Rampini among 72 members

Hydrogen has a key role in decarbonisation and ecological transition both in Europe and in Italy, where this awareness seems to be spreading more and more in recent years, directing political strategies and pointing the way for the development of the national supply chain.

H2IT- Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association - is the spokesperson for this need and represents large, medium and small companies, as well as research centres and universities active in the sector.

Since 2019, H2IT has tripled its membership to a total of 72, with 23 new members joining this year.

"We are proud of the growth we have had in the last two years and to represent different types of industries and excellence in the field of research," - said Alberto Dossi, President of H2IT. "The green turn impressed by European and Italian policies has turned the spotlight on the hydrogen vector and the enormous opportunities for companies. Putting up a united front and creating a unique network based on collaboration is the only way to create a strong Italian supply chain that is also a leader at international level. And it is precisely this objective that inspires the activities of H2IT, which wants to play a strategic role in guiding the sector. The goal of 70 members is a sign that we are on the right path and that the Italian hydrogen industry believes in us. But we cannot stop here. We need the support and expertise of all players to give voice to a supply chain that has made innovation and sustainability its mission."

Rampini is one of the companies that joined in 2021 and supports the association towards the advancement of knowledge and the study of disciplines related to technologies for the production and use of H and in the common primary objective: the creation of the infrastructure for the use of hydrogen.