The E80 was the first electric bus built by us at Rampini. After several years of testing, in 2010 we started selling it in Italy and in various other European countries; it is constantly being upgraded in order to meet user requirements.

The E80 is an 8-metre bus and it has room for up to 48 passengers; it is very easy to steer and has an excellent travel range. The structure of this bus is self-supporting and not produced using a commercial chassis.
The whole electrical traction system, based on ferrite lithium cells, has been entirely designed and produced by our company, as is battery control; the individual cells are checked and monitored thanks to a management system (BMS), also produced by us at Rampini.

Seating 13 13
Wheel chair 1 0
Standing 30 34
Driver 1 1
Total 45 48
Overall lenght (mm.) 7790
Overall width (mm.) 2200
Overall height (mm.) 3250
Front overhang (mm.) 1700
Rear overhang (mm.) 2415
Wheelbase (mm.) 3675
Turning radius (mm.) 14600
MTT (kg) 12000
Kneeling (mm) 80
Motor SieDANA TM4 Max power 218 kW
Brakes Regenerative braking system, ABS ASR, EBS, ESC
Performance Maximum speed 70 Km/h
Autonomy (urban cycle) 200 Km - Fast- charging possible
Electric drive system 210 kWh, Rampini BMS, with active balancing system and automatic heating
Climate controll Air-conditioned driver compartment 3 kW, Air-conditioned passenger compartment 7 kW
Suspensions Pneumatic with electronically controlled levelling (ECAS)
Electrical system Multiplex Can Bus TEQ
Doors 2 or 3 doors the pivoting-sliding requirement with pneumatic actuators, Front and rear 630-mm single-leaf, Centre 1100-mm double-leaf with anti-crushing safety system
Axles Front axle with independent ZF wheels, Rampini rear axle