The E120 can transport more than 70 passengers and has significantly expanded the range of electric vehicles produced by our company, alongside the E80 and the E60.

The E120 has been designed to meet the sustainability needs of urban public transport. The vehicle, in addition to being characterized by the absence of emissions, boasts comfort for passengers, reduced maintenance costs and the ability to respond to customer needs.

Seating 32 32
Wheel chair 1 0
Standing 39 45
Driver 1 1
Total 73 78
Overall lenght (mm.) 11995
Overall width (mm.) 2550
Overall height (mm.) 3224
Front overhang (mm.) 2675
Rear overhang (mm.) 3475
Wheelbase (mm.) 5845
Turning radius (mm.) 20780
Rear axle - max. load (kg) 12600
Front axle - max. load (kg) 7100
MTT (kg) 19700
Kneeling (mm) 70
Motor Siemens 1DB2016 liquid cooled with permanent magnets Max power 160kW
Brakes Regenerative cell braking systems, ABS, ASR, EBS (ESC)
Performance Max speed >70 km/h Max incline >18
Autonomy (urban cycle) about 120/150 km fast- charging possible
Electric drive system 188 lithium-ferrite cells, 358 kWh, Rampini BMS with active balancing system and automatic heating
Climate controll Electric heating /Air conditioning power 5.000 - 15.000 W, Air flow rate > 4400 m³/h
Suspensions Pneumatic with electronically controlled levelling (ECAS)
Electrical system Multiplex Can Bus
Doors 2 or 3 doors pivoting or sliding requirement with pneumatic actuators, 1100-m double-leaf, with anti-crushing safety system
Axles Front axle with independent ZF RL82 EC wheels. Rear axle ZF AV 133